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Fox Cubs class and Squirrels class families take on the dinosaur egg challenge this half term holidays!

On Friday, every child in Fox Cubs class and Squirrels class took a dinosaur egg home for the half term holiday challenge. Already many children have started the challenge and we are seeing dinosaurs hatching out of their egg!

Well done to Leigha and Scarlet who started straight after home time on Friday!! Cole has already hatched his dinosaur and we have a dilophosaurus!! Miss Harrison is very impressed that he knew the type of dinosaur he had got! Cole is a dinosaur expert though and will be teaching the Nursery staff and children lots next half term!! Eloise's dinosaur is so close to fully coming out of the dinosaur egg! It is so eggciting!!

Keep the photographs coming - send them to Miss Harrison at and we will add them on this webpage and the school Facebook page!

Well done EYFS families!! You are all amazing! Happy half term!!